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September Steam Spectacular

Our "September Steam Spectacular" will be held on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th September 2017, and will focus on our collection of Leeds-built steam locomotives.

In particular, it will feature Brookes No. 1, newly returned to service after its long overhaul.  (This was financed by a grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund, to whom we are very grateful:  we hope that they will be pleased with what it achieved.)

Specifically, we intend to run:

  • HE 2387 "Brookes No. 1";
  • HC 1544 "Slough Estates No. 3";  and
  • MW 1601 "Matthew Murray".


Brookes No. 1 at Park Halt

One of the locomotives which will feature in the event:  Brookes No. 1 at Park Halt on its first train back in service after its overhaul.

Picture © Tony Cowling, 2017.

On both days a special timetable will be operated, providing an intensive service over both our main passenger line and the little-used Balm Road branch. Two train sets will be in operation, with one running as a mixed train with both passenger and goods stock.

There will be a variety of patterns of operation, including some trains that will have a locomotive at each end, and possibly some that will be double-headed.  The first train will be at 11.00 am and the last one will depart for Park Halt at 4.20 pm.

Full details of the timetable are available, and these include the scheduled locomotives for each train:  click here to download this.

Special fares will apply for each day, namely £8 for an adult, £3 for a child and £18 for a family ticket (covering up to 2 adults and 3 children).  The various travel concessions that apply to our normal train services will, however, not apply for this event.

As well as our normal range of refreshments, including hot and cold drinks and sweets, we will have a range of sandwiches available on each day.

Slough Estates No. 3 at Moor Road

Another of the locomotives that will be in use during the event:  Slough Estates No. 3 at Moor Road.

Picture © Chris Horton, 2017.

Whilst every effort will be made to provide the advertised services, The Middleton Railway Trust Ltd. reserves the right to amend or cancel any service without prior notice and accepts no liability whatsoever for any inconvenience, loss or disappointment caused, including travel expenses.


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