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Mining Tales and Trails

This is a series of events, which will run on the following dates during 2017.

  • one certainly on Sunday 9th April;
  • others to be confirmed later.

Each event will have the same format, in that on each day volunteers will meet the 11:00, 13:00 and 14:40 trains from Moor Road on their arrival at Park Halt, and will lead a guided walk of the many remains of historic coal mining that are still visible in Middleton Park.

Each guided walk will follow old wagonways to the park visitor centre up a steadily graded path, where gravity would once have been used to move coal wagons.  Along the way we will stop to look at the various types of early pits that are still visible.  We will use paths that are suitable for families with pushchairs, wheelchairs, and for walkers of whatever ability.  This part of each walk, from Park Halt to the visitor center in the park, will take about 45 minutes.

Participants can then have a tea break at the visitor centre and check out any other events that may be running in the park.  From here they can make their way back to the railway at Park Halt in their own time, along the direct path that goes downhill along another former wagonway.  This takes about 10 to 15 minutes, so that the full walk takes about an hour.

It is also possible to do a shorter version of the walk, which does not go as far as the visitor centre in the park, and which would enable you to return to Park Halt in time to catch the next train back to Moor Road after the one on which you travelled up to Park Halt.  This can easily be arranged by speaking to the guides at the start of the walk.

Our usual timetable and fares will apply to the train services on each day.  The way in which the two options for each walk fit with the timetable is as follows.

 Arrival train  Shorter walk return train  Longer walk return train
 11:00 from Moor Road  11:55 from Park Halt  12:35 from Park Halt
 13:00 from Moor Road  14:15 from Park Halt  14:55 from Park Halt
 14:40 from Moor Road  15:35 from Park Halt  16:15 from Park Halt


 Replica Horse Gin in Middleton Park

One of our volunteer walk leaders in front of the replica horse gin that has been constructed in Middleton Park.  The original horse gins were used to lift coal up the mine shafts, before steam engines were introduced.

Picture © Robert Taggart, 2016


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